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Calliope's readings help you unfold and unlock what is really going on in your life. Every time we do a reading, I have a clearer grasp of the path I am on and what I can spend more or less of my time, thought, and energy on.

Montana, Actress


Calliope is a 3rd generational Tarot Reader with over 13 years experience with the cards. She is a Divine Channel, Spiritual Coach, and Business Mentor who will help you tap into your true self and navigate your divine path. She uses tarot and tools to reveal, heal, and breakthrough the energies of your past, present, and future. 

Calliope is an entrepreneur from San Francisco with a background in film production, theatre, and the arts. In 2017 she transitioned from Film to the exploration of healing modalities and dedication to her spiritual path. She brings to the table a vast knowledge of the mindbody connection, energy healing, inner work, and success mindset. 



Virtual & In Person






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