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Calliope Avesah

Tarot Based Life Coach


 understand your past

 unlock your present

 direct your future


Calliope's readings help you unfold and unlock what is really going on in your life. Every time we do a reading, I have a clearer grasp of the path I am on and what I can spend more or less of my time, thought, and energy on. I have been lucky to receive a few tarot readings from her over the last few months and they have truly been so clarifying and guiding for the situations and decisions I have been going through lately.


 I read tarot cards for myself and others casually but Calliope's reading is on a whole different level. It's almost as if the reading uplifted me through the blockages I was experiencing and allowed me to look at them from a different perspective - a HIGHER perspective. Even with so many reversed cards and the dreaded Tower card showing up the message oozed only positive, constructive, do-able guidance. Trust her and be blown away!


Calliope's reading completely changed my perspective on family, life, love ,money, business, my relationship with self, and with the divine. I would not be the man I am today without her spirtual guidance, The work she does is a divine blessing!