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Calliope Avesah

Tarot Based Life Coach



Are you a strong, magically driven person who values personal growth?
Are you making powerful moves in your career, in your love life, and in your personal life?

Are you that type of person who follows their spirit and sharp mind, but sometimes gets a little unsure or lost?


Do you need to talk it out with someone who can listen, hold space, and then help you structure and understand?
Do you want answers, insight, and confirmation from someone on your level?
Do you want to be reminded about who you are and the immense power you hold?


A session with Calliope

is not just a basic card reading

or pep talk.


What she offers creates

major breakthroughs

in people's lives.


Her sessions are


perspective altering,

energetically healing,

and struggle reducing.

During a session, she will use the cards to create a blueprint of your life as it is right now with elements of the past and future. This allows you both to feel, analyze and discuss what is going on for you and the best course of action. The guidance given is highly magical yet grounded and practical. You can ask an unlimited amount of questions about any life topic in the allotted time frame 


She will give you the step by step process that meets you where you are at and bridges the gap to where you want to be in life. This will be based on what's revealed in your past, present, and future energies.


The magic lies in the synchronistic nature of the cards, the conversation held,

and the intuitive messages she receives while reading your cards and our energy.

a session with calliope Will Help You...

Get validation and confirmation

Transmute Negative to Positive

Accelerate personal growth

Know what to work on next

See your options

Find out what life lessons are at play

See what energy is effecting you

Check your mind, body, heart, and soul alignment

Change your perspective

Uncover Limiting Beliefs

Understand emotional wounds

Get to the root of an issue

Get advice on best course of action

Gain clarity on the “bigger picture”

Discover how your past is effecting your present

Discover how your present is effecting your future

Understand yours and others motivations and intentions

Make empowered decisons

Connect to your Intuition and Spirit

If you work with Calliope... I’ll say this: major transformation ahead"

“Making the ground shake under me”

“Completely changed my perspective”

“Im literally feeling myself vibrating to the next level”

“Ignited a flame that had burnt out”

“So much clarity and vision”

“I see my path now”

“You have no idea how much you’ve changed my life”

“Completely changed my life for the better”

"Brought my vision to life"

Your Guide

Calliope has over 13 years experience as a tarot card reader. She uses her intuitive powers along with a deep knowledge of the traditional card meanings to deliver breakthrough readings to her clients. 

She is a third generational reader from San Francisco and has a strong background in entrepreneurship, art, film, and yoga.

She is deeply passionate about the human experience, personal development, and creating a lifestyle that fosters a healthy mind, body, heart, and soul.