This is not just a basic card reading or pep talk. This is a life changing, paradigm shifting experience that goes beyond the 60 minutes spent together.

These sessions are empowering, perspective altering,

energetically healing, and struggle reducing. 

During a session, Calliope uses tarot cards to create a blueprint of your life as it is right now with elements of the past and future. This allows you both to feel, analyze and discuss what is going on for you and the best course of action. The guidance given is highly magical yet grounded and practical. You can ask an unlimited amount of questions about any life topic in the allotted time frame. 

She will give you the step by step process that meets you where you are at and bridges the gap to where you want to be in life. This will be based on what's revealed in your past, present, and future energies.

The magic lies in the synchronistic nature of the cards, the conversation held,

and the intuitive messages she receives while reading your cards and your energy.

You will have 7 days of follow up email coaching support after your 60 minute session to help you implement the guidance.

Energy exchange: $222

Sessions held via Zoom and come with private recording


- Get clarity around where you are headed and what you are doing

- Gain confidence in the decisions you are making 

- Energetically heal and get charged for your next level

- Understand your feelings in a deeper way

- Have words to what you have been sensing, experiencing, and feeling

- Have awareness of obstacles before they occur with tools to help you when the time goes

- Get grounded, practical strategy in order to make plans real

- Hear divine perspective on how and why life events are unfolding

- Get energized into action (or nonaction)

- Address your challenges in a way that allows you to overcome them

- Connect to your spirit guides, intuition and higher self  

- Relieve heavy emotions 

- Stay on track with your heart's desire, vision, and purpose

- Transcend life's shit (without spiritual bypassing) 

- Make waves in your personal and spiritual growth

- Harness your power, purpose, potencial and passion


Calliope’s spiritual guidance and recommendations for inner work have profoundly turned my life and ultimately my family’s life around in the most positive, uplifting and intentional way!

The pre-meeting card pull was quite literally my present life so she was already prepared to talk and guide me spiritually. At that point I knew it was about to get real deep and it did. Most importantly the session removed the subconscious disorientation I unknowingly created.

The recommendations, future insights and guidance enabled me to go deeper into my shadow work and recognize at the onset where I am sabotaging myself and the impact it was having on my life.

She knew things about me, my children and husband- it was a total GASP moment: and the guidance she gave removed every tension and strengthened our relationships.

Calliope thank you so much for creating space for me to lift my veil, walk consciously in my deep truths and for providing spiritual guidance that continuously produces holistically fulfilling positive experiences!"

Lanasia, Lightworker


Calliope is a Spiritual Coach, Business Mentor, and 3rd Gen Psychic Tarot Reader.

She is a confidante, guide, and healer for ambitious women seeking clarity, confidence, and direction.

She holds a mirror up that invites you into a deeper relationship with yourself and spirit. The magic is coupled with practical strategy to apply your vision to reality.

Calliope is from San Francisco, California where she worked as a film producer and directing teacher. Later she moved to Oregon to get trainings in yoga, meditation, and reiki. This led to the creation of the tarot reading business. After three years this spiritual work has evolved into the combination of coaching and divination - the perfect power duo for life navigation, spiritual healing, and self actualization!

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