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Calliope Avesah

Tarot Based Life Coach


I am a Tarot Reader and Life Coach

Why is this combo so powerful?
With Tarot I have the ability to see and feel you and your visions. I can access divine messages. I can see where you have been, where you're at, where you are going.


With coaching I am able to anchor your vision with practical life application, provide tools for you to personally develop, and work on your mindset to unlock resistance
Not all coaches can tap in the way I can
Not all readers use the cards way I do

I am the magical and the practical

This results in you feeling a huge shift:
Struggle turns into FUN 
Confusion becomes CLARITY
Stagnant energy starts to FLOW
Burden is replaced by EASE
Fear transmutes to INSPIRATION

All of this magic happens in only 60 minutes

Imagine all the time you've already spent stuck in struggle, confusion, heaviness, doubt or fear. 


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Calliope has over 13 years experience as a tarot card reader. She uses her intuitive powers along with a deep knowledge of the traditional card meanings to deliver breakthrough readings to her clients. 

She is a third generational reader from San Francisco and has a strong background in entrepreneurship, art, film, and yoga.

She is deeply passionate about the human experience, personal development, and creating a lifestyle that fosters a healthy mind, body, heart, and soul.