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Starters Guide to Witchy Magic

WITCH: a woman who uses magic and psychic intuitive powers

also known as: Bruja, Goddess, Priestess, Healer, Shaman,

Wise Woman, Wild Woman Enchantress

This ebook gives a brief history lesson, explains different types of witches, different tools and herbs, candle magic, altars, and spells.


Starters Guide to Inner Work

"Inner Glow Up" comes from the glow your eyes, smile, and soul will give off when you do the inner work to let your true authentic and expressive Self shine.

I believe the most honorable thing we can do during our life time is to do this inner work and discover, uncover, and remember our true selves.

I believe we are all here to learn specific soul lessons. Lessons that can be really, really hard. They are hard because they are important and meaningful, but they also dull our shine and make us forget our ourselves.

I made this ebook to share the things that helped me work through hard lessons and find my self again after a period of severe anxiety, depression, and addiction.

Power & Strength Guided Meditation

Hearts Desire Guided Meditation

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