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Everyday Mindfulness

A quote that changed my life: “how you do something is how you do everything.”

First, I noticed how I would walk as fast as possible everywhere I went no matter the situation or who I was with.

Then, I noticed I would rush through work tasks as quickly as possible.

I would eat meals as quickly as possible.

Smoked and drank as fast as possible.

The” little things” I did were all rushed.

I looked at how I handled the big stuff...

I rushed through sexual encounters. Friendships. Self care.


I thought of that quote more.

I would catch myself walking quickly down a street and ask myself “why? Why I am going this fast?”

I slowed down the pace.

I extended that question, that awareness into everything.

I realized just how much I was barreling through my life.

Asked myself why, told myself to CHILL.

How you do something is how you do everything.

I want to do everything mindfully


With care

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