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What is Tarot?

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

What is Tarot?

Tarot is a deck of 78 cards. They were designed in the early 1300s to be a card game, and later evolved in the 1900s as a divination device for fortune telling. Later in the 1970s, tarot gained even more popularity as psychologists start to notice the ways tarot could be used for self-help.

How Does It Work?

The imagery, characters, and meanings behind the cards are rooted in universal experiences, life lessons and archetypes. Through the symbolism, archetypes and imagery on the cards, we create story. Through the story is how we read the cards.

“Reading” a the cards simply means translating what you literally see in front of you and allowing that to spark ideas in your psyche. This does three things: one, it strengthens your natural intuition and two, it brings your subconscious to light, and three: allows you to organize your thoughts by seeing them laid out in visual form.

Through reading, we are able to have a discussion, see the full picture, challenge our ideas, change our perspective, gain insight, get confirmation or validation, understand our selves on a deeper level and create a game plan for what to do next.

We all know how it feels when our minds our too full and all the thoughts feel too complicated. Tarot offers us this amazing opportunity to put those thoughts out on the table. We can react to them, rearrange the, clarify them. It allows us to really look at our life and thoughts and work on it constructively. It’s a therapeutic and empowering experience.

How Does It Really Work?

The cards operate on synchronistic magic. Synchronicity means “meaningful coincidences” or a seemingly random event unconnected to cause-and-effect that holds a profound personal meaning. It is a coincidence that sparks your psyche. It can inform you and guide you based on the emotional and intuitive reaction you have to it.

When we use tarot cards, we invite in a synchronicity to happen. We invite in the mystery of life. This is how we receive the message that resonates so deeply we feel chills. It is how we can shuffle two different decks and still receive the same exact cards. This is how I can deliver the exact message you needed to hear.

Why Use Tarot?

Tarot is a life enhancing tool. Tarot can assist you with understanding your life experiences, no matter how small or large they are. It can provide you with deeper insight about your life path and how to can navigate your way through it. It will help you see where you have been, where you are going, and what you are becoming.Tarot can be used to seek guidance about your present situation. You can use Tarot to validate that you are on the right path and that you are making the right choices in your life. Tarot can help you know where and how you can improve your life. It can help you understand your motivations and intentions, as well as the intentions and motivations of others in your life.

A Tarot Reading Can Help You...

+ Get validation and confirmation

+ Accelerate personal growth

+ Know what to work on next

+ See your options

+ Find out what life lessons are at play

+ See what energy is effecting you

+ Check your soul alignment

+ Change your perspective

+ Challenge your thoughts

+ Understand emotional wounds

+ Get to the root of an issue

+ Transition through life phases

+ Get advice on best course of action

+ Gain clarity on the “bigger picture”

+ Discover how your past is effecting your present

+ Discover how your present is effecting your future

+ Understand motivations and intentions

+ Figure out how to find the most ease within a situation

+ Connect to your Intuition and Spirit

Common Misconceptions

There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding these cards. First off, tarot is not associated with the devil or black magic. Yes, there is a card called The Devil, but there is also a card that represents the Pope. These are simply used as archetypes to convey meaning. They do not represent the energy associated with these cards. Along those lines, tarot is not dangerous. They will never be able to tell you messages about when you will die or invite in negative outcomes. Tarot is not about being a victim to fate- it’s about creating your own destiny through asking empowering questions and having an honest dialogue with yourself. Tarot does not make absolute predictions. If it was to give you a message that one of your plans was not working it out, you would than use the cards to ask you for advice towards a plan that would work. Tarot cards also do not hold rigid meanings. There is a universal system of meaning that is agreed upon, but the real art of translation occurs when someone interprets a card with the traditional meaning and their own intuitive perception. Meanings also change depending on combinations of cards, placement, and direction.

What Can You Ask?

The more clear your question is, the more clear your answer will be! it's important to know WHY you are asking your question and get to the real root of what you need to know.

When creating your question, it is also important to notice how your wording. Are you asking the cards for permission? Are you putting the decision in their hands? Or are you framing your question to be one that puts the power back into your hands, the question that will supply you with the information that allows you to make an empowered choice?

Avoid questions related to death, serious illness or physical health, serious legal or financial situations. You can ask for advice on how to spiritually cope with those topics, but if you need guidance on those subjects: seek a medical or financial professional.

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