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Calliope Avesah

Tarot Based Life Coach





"Calliope is an incredibly gifted tarot reader! I used to be so skeptical of tarot and so many other esoteric mystical tools. Calliope was a huge force in my shift toward opening to other realms because of how potent the magic was when she would read for me and how clear the information would be! It was almost spooky at first how accurate her readings were and how much she seemed to know my deepest thoughts and feelings based on what she read in the cards. She has even helped me learn the basics of reading and I am pulling cards for myself on a daily basis now, which is helping me develop such a clear relationship with my guides, inner being, intuition, etc.

Calliope has a rare gift and can provide much needed insight into the dark corners of your life.

Tap into her magic!!!"

- Laura -


"Calliope is amazing at what she does. Her readings are accurate, and she has an incredible ability to intuitively sense situations you are experiencing and offer guidance on how you can move through them. I received a reading from Calliope and it was beyond amazing. I learned so much and was given the confirmation I had been searching for, for quite some time now. Calliope is extremely kind, highly talented, and has an undeniable gift when it comes to intuitive readings and sharing messages with you from Spirit and the Universe."

- Julie -

"She helped me find clarity on romantic relationships, my relationship with myself, and the direction I need to be moving in to lead a more fulfilled, happy life. She ignited a flame in me that was burnt out."

- Kayla -

"If you work with Calliope, I'll say this: "Big transformation ahead!" If you are called to work with Calliope it's probably because you have a lot going on and are in a super transformative period of your life. The reason you are drawn to her is because she really has it all. She has so many talents and abilities that are going to be so beneficial to you. 

She has given me guidance in every area of my life. Anything from motivation to get things done, tips on how to support my husband, what to focus on for the day/week/year, branding for my business, putting things into perspective, and even sending me a recipe. 


She is the friend, mentor, and sister that offers major support through life changes, transitions, hardships and up levels. She is open minded, flexible, and has a way of knowing exactly what kind of support you need, even when you are unsure yourself."

- Kelsey -

"My reading was so unbelievably accurate and offered a lot of insight into my feelings and where they're stemming from. Calliope also does an amazing job at offering advice and questions to help dig further into the issues at hand, so it's not just a basic card reading and you're done, she's very thoughtful and definitely knows her stuff. She confirmed a lot of what I was feeling and I feel a lot less confused and stressed over the things going on in my life. I feel like I have direction and understanding now!"

- Elisha -

"Calliope's readings help you unfold and unlock what is really going on in your life. Every time we do a reading, I have a clearer grasp of the path I am on and what I can spend more or less of my time, thought, and energy on. I have been lucky to receive a few tarot readings from her over the last few months and they have truly been so clarifying and guiding for the situations and decisions I have been going through lately."

- Montana -

"I read tarot cards for myself and others casually but Calliope's reading is on a whole different level. It's almost as if the reading uplifted me through the blockages I was experiencing and allowed me to look at them from a different perspective - a HIGHER perspective. Even with so many reversed cards and the dreaded Tower card showing up the message oozed only positive, constructive, do-able guidance. Trust her and be blown away!"

- Jenelle -

"Calliope's reading completely changed my perspective on family, life, love ,money, business, my relationship with self, and with the divine. I would not be the man I am today without her spiritual guidance, The work she does is a divine blessing!"

- David -

"Calliope's reading is really spiraling some huge shifts within me. I'm taking my time with it and it's gonna take me a few weeks to digest everything and work through the instructions but I'm really invested in what she has helped show me and I just love her voice through it all. She's so real and supportive and comforting, like a real friend serving me truth and validation."

- Brianna -

"My reading from Calliope was insightful and full of accurate, intuitively-guided information. Her fervor and energy is wonderfully magical. There was so much spot-on detail offered and I’m incredibly grateful I reached out for her interpretation &  conversation with the cards. I cannot say enough amazing things about this experience! I so appreciate the entire process. Full of love and light and beautiful intuition. I highly recommend getting a reading from this witchy psychic gem of a woman"

- Meredith -

"I had a reading with Calliope and was amazed at the accuracy and timely message. She was so kind and gave me such clear guidance- I felt like she truly connected with me and the Higher Forces- what I was needing clarity about has been weighing on my mind and heart so heavily and I walked away feeling greater faith and trust in the Universe. She took her time with me and we continued to ask for more and more clarity, using different card decks and she explained each step of the process, making me feel safe and truly cared for."

- Aubrey -

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