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Calliope Avesah

Tarot Based Life Coach


60min Breakthrough Session

held live over the phone, video chat, 

direct messages or in person.

Get longer term support to reach your goals with full access to Calliope through

text and coaching calls


Calliope's reading is really spiraling some huge shifts within me. I'm taking my time with it and it's gonna take me a few weeks to digest everything and work through the instructions but I'm really invested in what she has helped show me and I just love her voice through it all. She's so real and supportive and comforting, like a real friend serving me truth and validation. 


My reading from Calliope was insightful and full of accurate, intuitively-guided information. Her fervor and energy is wonderfully magical. There was so much spot-on detail offered and I’m incredibly grateful I reached out for her interpretation &  conversation with the cards. I cannot say enough amazing things about this experience! I so appreciate the entire process. Full of love and light and beautiful intuition. I highly recommend getting a reading from this witchy psychic gem of a woman


I had a reading with Calliope and was amazed at the accuracy and timely message. She was so kind and gave me such clear guidance- I felt like she truly connected with me and the Higher Forces- what I was needing clarity about has been weighing on my mind and heart so heavily and I walked away feeling greater faith and trust in the Universe. She took her time with me and we continued to ask for more and more clarity, using different card decks and she explained each step of the process, making me feel safe and truly cared for.