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Calliope is an amazing intuitive, tarot card reader! She has a deep connection with her intuition and her tarot cards which allow her to really tap into what is going on in your life at the moment and what direction you need to head. You can feel her passion for helping people reach their full potential brimming through her sessions! She 100% believes and cares about you.

She has helped me leave a toxic relationship, find clarity in my purpose, and find new direction in life. Seriously this woman is the bomb, anyone who truly wants to harness their inner power and move towards their potential should work with her.

Katie, Singer

Calliope-- thank you for your divine guidance, your empowered empathy, your complete presence, your ability to address challenges from the level of larger vision and practical detail, and your incredible ability to channel the activation power I needed to launch me into a deeply transformational period of self growth and self acceptance. If you work with Calliope (which I would highly recommend), whatever your dreams and goals are--she'll help you attain them. She is truly a powerhouse.

Jeanie, Reiki Master

Calliope is an incredibly gifted tarot reader! I used to be so skeptical of tarot and so many other esoteric mystical tools. Calliope was a huge force in my shift toward opening to other realms because of how potent the magic was when she would read for me and how clear the information would be! It was almost spooky at first how accurate her readings were and how much she seemed to know my deepest thoughts and feelings based on what she read in the cards.

She has even helped me learn the basics of reading and I am pulling cards for myself on a daily basis now, which is helping me develop such a clear relationship with my guides, inner being, intuition, etc.

Calliope has a rare gift and can provide much needed insight into the dark corners of your life. Tap into her magic!!!

Laura, Yoga Teacher

Calliope is amazing at what she does. Her readings are accurate, and she has an incredible ability to intuitively sense situations you are experiencing and offer guidance on how you can move through them. I received a reading from Calliope and it was beyond amazing. I learned so much and was given the confirmation I had been searching for, for quite some time now. 

Calliope is extremely kind, highly talented, and has an undeniable gift when it comes to intuitive readings and sharing messages with you from Spirit and the Universe.

Julie, Writer

I had a reading with Calliope and was amazed at the accuracy and timely message.

She was so kind and gave me such clear guidance- I felt like she truly connected with me and the Higher Forces.

What I was needing clarity about has been weighing on my mind and heart so heavily and I walked away feeling greater faith and trust in the Universe.

She took her time with me and we continued to ask for more and more clarity, using different card decks and she explained each step of the process, making me feel safe and truly cared for.

Aubrey, Life Coach

Calliope uses her perspicacity gained through various arts of insight to empower her subject. She is looking at what your path of least resistance, better yet your path of optimal flow is given your inborn inclinations.

She will tell you what your challenges are and how to face them. She guides you to own your reality and see through the moment of the underlying your current challenge to find it's origin and point out the processes and tendencies that are working against your best interests.

She truly comes from a place of Love and caring and makes it her cause to honor the spirit of three generations of "readers"that have come before her. If

You are looking and can't find... Call her.

Mark, Health Professional

Calliope saved my life. I reached out to her at my lowest point in life when I was thinking about hurting myself after long lasting toxic emotional bond which I couldn't get rid of on my own. Thought I tried everything, but nothing was really helpful. I decided to surrender, and ask for help outside of myself and I chose exactly her because of some feeling within.

After the reading, I felt such an amazing relief of pain, anxiety and worry, and at the same time a flame within started to burn again- stronger than ever before in my life.

After her warmth, familiarity, words of support, hope and clarity she brought to my inner chaos, I felt such a deep and strong feeling of gratitude. Gratitude for meeting Calliope online, for the guidance to choose her as my angel for this challenging task, for the courage to reach out for help, for Calliope's existence, for all she is, knows and does.

Calliope really saved me, showed me the silver lining, guided me to the light in my darkest darkness at that time. Thanks to her I know I have a lot to live for and that nothing is as bad as it seems. I appreciate her so much for her wisdom and magical soul. Grateful for this experience with her! 

Romana, Tarot Reader

With no backstory on myself, she was able to pull cards on my life situations and give an accurate forecast of how things could play out. To see it all unfold from weeks to months truly made me a believer in Calliope’s talents. I was once a skeptic of tarot and those who would partake. But now, I have my own decks and I’ve taken a deeper dive into spirituality and nurturing the gifts I possess. 

Calliope, thank you so much for confirming my journey; even the parts I would try to push away and deny, you brought them to light to validate what I knew internally all along. Most importantly, thank you for the newfound friendship that was formed from this. You are truly a safe space and a wise mind. 

Everitt, Counselor

A reading from Calliope never fails to emanate powerful magic. The cards she pulls are so on point and apt it’s uncanny, every single time. She is talented, insightful, and so kind.

Working with her will illuminate and open doors within you: doors you were maybe searching for and could not find, or that you have already found but could not figure out how to open.

She’s aware that all the power you need resides in you and helps you cultivate and unleash it how and where that power is needed. I highly, highly recommend her.

Meredith, Writer

Calliope brought so much clarity to my business. She was able to put words (and pictures) to who my ideal customer is. After working with her I feel more confident to create content and serve my audience on a whole new level. I'm so grateful!

Jessabelle, Lightworker

If you work with Calliope, I'll say this: "Big transformation ahead!" If you are called to work with Calliope it's probably because you have a lot going on and are in a super transformative period of your life. The reason you are drawn to her is because she really has it all. She has so many talents and abilities that are going to be so beneficial to you. 

She has given me guidance in every area of my life. Anything from motivation to get things done, tips on how to support my husband, what to focus on for the day/week/year, branding for my business, putting things into perspective, and even sending me a recipe. ​

She is the friend, mentor, and sister that offers major support through life changes, transitions, hardships and up levels. ​She is open minded, flexible, and has a way of knowing exactly what kind of support you need, even when you are unsure yourself.

Kelsey, Life Coach

On the day of our session I remember being very flustered with life, confused, scared and unsure. On top of that, I wasn’t practicing self care. I was doing a lot more for others than myself. I was even accepting people who have proven to be toxic to be in my life.

Calliope kindly shed a light on who I was and what I deserved. She asked the right questions and listened intently when I spoke. She offered wise advice that I was shocked to hear because it was so good and just what I needed. The session was light but the topics were heavy. She made it all feel safe and loving. She came from a place of understating and experience which made it easy to connect with a stranger.

We ended the session and I remember feeling a sense of peace after releasing some of my issues to someone with such a high vibration. Throughout the day however, I continued to feel scattered because of certain situations that were taking place in my life and although she made good points, I was unsure of how to apply them. It wasn’t until the next day that I got really honest with myself and I had many realizations that brought me to tears because of her words and what they sparked within me. They were so simple but so touching. I am very grateful for her wisdom and love.

Lourdes, Lightworker



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